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Good staff are one of a security company's greatest assets. They can establish and uphold its reputation and profitability. Staff must be well trained and professional whilst capable of communicating and advertising your services to your customers making them return again and again.The way to achieve these objectives is through effective, professional recruitment - followed up by effective, professional training. In a industry where there is normally a very high turn over of staff we pay particular attention to these areas.

The art of effective recruitment is knowing what you're looking for, not only in terms of qualifications and experience, but also in terms of personnel themselves. We look for people of a professional nature, A responsive attitude to our clients needs and a desire to develop through training. These qualities give us the foundation upon which to mould new staff to your specific needs.

1. Training incorporates five main areas:
2. Health and Safety
3. Customer Care
4. Risk Assessment
5. Research & Surveillance
6. Protection Services

We train staff to perform tasks in a prescribed manner, so that both they and your customers know what to expect in any given situation. We find this cuts down the risk of opinion clashes or differential treatment.We believe in fostering an organic management structure within our company. This integrated and flexible approach stimulates our staff's motivational response and gives them greater job satisfaction. The result is vastly improved staff performance. Investment in good staff is a crucial facet in building a successful company. Our investment is your investment, leading to effective management and high quality of service.